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Gufram Jolly Roger


Jolly Roger, like the pirates’ flag. If you think about it, it is a homage to the piratical spirit with which Gufram subverted the rules of design. It is a seat that formally recalls the skull – the symbol of cockiness printed on the red flag of French and English corsairs, the terror of the seven seas.

The seat, designed by Fabio Novembre, is the first Gufram project in roto-moulded plastic, thus suitable also for the outdoors, as well as the first not to have a soft part of polyurethane, which has always been part if its DNA.
It was inspired by on one
of the Keith Richards’ rings,
the Rolling Stones’ guitarist.
Inside the seat is a planisphere which recalls the maps used by Pacific buccaneers and symbolizes the brand’s internationality. The globe is suspended in the frame; it is a map surrounded by the oceans, an insatiable desire for conquest, almost an exhortation not to stand still, a warning: you are sitting on the world, never forget it.

Jolly Roger, consistent with the attitude that unites all Gufram’s products, is an armchair that represents a gesture of demand for freedom; it is synonym of intellectual independence that follows a courageous path, and goes away from the dry standardized types of interior design projects.

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