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Gufram Broken Mirror


The polyurethane frame
creates an alienating optical effect
and gives life to another dimension
Thus Broken Mirror is a project that ironically plays with a misunderstanding, leveraging on the concept of “soft/non soft”, besides highlighting the main characteristic of the mirror, which is that of reflecting the world standing in front of it, but also of creating a new and parallel one. The polyurethane framing the mirror is rough-hewn entirely by hand; for this reason each Broken Mirror piece is slightly different from another, and it is thus a unique item. The effect similar to the texture of the wall is created with Guflac, a special paint patented by Gufram which is applied entirely by hand; it makes polyurethane look like leather while keeping its elasticity, thus allowing for unique aesthetical experimentations.

Availability: Beschikbaar via nabestelling

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