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People come to Morocco in search of a profound experience, be it a country, a kingdom, or a question. It captivates like a dervish dance, its authenticity endless and miraculous. Artists have drawn inspiration from Morocco, the “Kingdom of Light,” since Delacroix’s visit. This book, Morocco, Kingdom of Light, takes readers on a journey through this enchanting land, with Oliver Pilcher’s exclusive imagery showcasing its beauty and joyous spirit. Moroccan writer and musician Ariel Wizman provides a rich introduction, celebrating the culture, history, and splendor of Morocco’s streets, medinas, and palaces.


Ariel Wizman is a renowned Moroccan-born writer, musician and actor. After working for publications such as Actuel, Vogue Homme and 20 Ans, he produced an array of programs for French radio channel France Culture. A former journalist-host at national TV channel Canal+, he is now a full-time writer and entrepreneur. Since 2020, he has been the co-founder of Miniso, a Chinese retailer and variety store specializing in household and consumer goods.

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