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Moncler Homme Eau de Parfum 150ml


The masculine iteration of Moncler’s first-ever fragrance is a veritable expedition for the senses. Reflecting a bold synergy of nature, exploration and discovery, the scent evokes a crisp, cool ode to the great outdoors wrapped in warmth. A woody aromatic fragrance, this enveloping scent features notes that capture the vibrant beauty of an alpine forest. The exclusive Alpine Green accord, created especially for Moncler, is combined with the freshness of Clary Sage. Warmth is added by Cedarwood, while the Mountain Woods accord forms a cocooning, earthy dry down fused with the smoky magnetism of Vetiver. The fragrance is packaged in a flask-shaped bottle, referencing the brand’s mountaineering origins. An LED screen adorns the bottle – a playful innovation that allows you to write a personal note that appears in scrolling red letters.


  • LED screen with an illuminated message panel customizable via a Bluetooth-powered smartphone app
  • Rechargeable – charging cable included
  • Refillable
  • 150 ml


The masculine iteration of Moncler’s first-ever fragrance, Moncler Pour Homme is a woody aromatic scent. The perfume comes in a 150 ml bottle.

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