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The Morondo Diffuser is crafted in glass adorned with a design created by Uniwax in the great tradition of traditional African prints. The sepia-toned baobab tree stands on the glass like a guardian sworn to protect nature from danger. Its amber fragrance of cinnamon, almond and cedar wood will fill your home with spicy notes, subtly inviting you to discover Africa. The fragrances in the Sacred Trees collection were created using raw materials sourced in Africa, with a focus on warm, woody notes.

*The perfume and sticks are included


Cinnamon – Almond – Cedar Wood

The fragrance of the Morondo candle is in line with this desire to celebrate African warmth. Notes of cinnamon and almond give the fragrance its gourmet facets. Next, cedar wood embraces the gourmet notes in a fundamentally woody spirit, in keeping with the theme of this collection, whose ultimate aim is to remind us of the need to protect our forests.

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