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Creed Burma Oud Candle In Its Blue Leather Case


Rich and fragrant, this candle infuses the house of perfumes inspired by Creed expeditions in the Far East. Warm and welcoming, it is available in two formats, 650 g and 1475 g, and is an ideal gift for the holiday season. Inspired by his father’s ocean escapes, Olivier Creed observed the design of the trunks aboard the liner Empress of Canada, which rallied Vancouver to Kobe, in order to develop this unique collection. It was by looking at photographs of his father near these stacked trunks and delicate vanity cases that Olivier knew that it would be the ideal way to preserve the most precious perfumes of House of Creed, and thus create a sublime work of art in the image of the House.


Celebrate the holiday season properly with the opulent and luxurious scent of the Birmania Oud candle. It is also illustrated by its hand-made Italian leather case, which is punctuated by an exclusive monogram and seduced by its signature House of Creed navy blue.

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