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The Classics Collection JAMAICA VIBES


Surely the most stylish and cool island in the Caribbean, Jamaica is not only the cradle of reggae but also a favorite destination for James Bond. While there is no shortage of luxury villas and white-sand beaches, Jamaica offers something that other destinations lack: a vibrant culture, wholly its own. Overflowing with character, Jamaica has a strong sense of self, which was shaped over the centuries during its fight for freedom and independence.

This national pride is reflected in the music, dance, cuisine and literature that originated in Jamaica but has since influenced people across the globe. The legacy of Bob Marley is intricately linked with the image of Jamaica, leaving an indelible mark on the country and the world. For novelist Ian Fleming, Jamaica was his creative incubator. At his home, GoldenEye, Fleming crafted one of the most well-known characters in the world, James Bond. Travelers can now walk in the footsteps of these titans of creative expression by touring 56 Hope Road in Kingston, Bob Marley’s former home, or by staying at GoldenEye. Whether you’re born and raised on the island, or just on a vacation, Jamaica’s influence is undeniable. Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records, contributes a foreword to Jamaica Vibes, presenting an intimate, insider portrait of this vibrant island nation and its mesmerizing power.


A winner of the British Vogue talent competition at age eighteen, Lisa Lovatt-Smith spent fifteen years as an editor and fashion director at various editions of Vogue. She was also a freelance journalist for international magazines and newspapers, including Architectural DigestThe TimesThe IndependentThe GuardianEl Pais and others. Lisa has authored sixteen interior-design and photography books, in addition to her memoir, Who KnowsTomorrow (2014). Since 2002 she has dedicated most of her time to the children’s charity she founded in Ghana, OAfrica. For her work as an activist, she was recognized with the Face Africa Award in the U.S., the Prix Clarins in France and the LiberPress Award in Spain.

Novia McDonald-Whyte is the senior associate editor for lifestyle and social content at the Jamaica Observer Media Group. An ardent believer in the possibilities of the Caribbean, Novia has contributed articles to Paris MatchVogue FranceCosmopolitanSkyWritingsMaco CaribbeanOcean StyleShe Caribbean and US Airways. Her latest project, “Herself,” is an award-winning six-part master-class tutorial, produced in association with the LAB advertising agency.

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